Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coke Zero

Okay, I totally didn't get the commercials when they first came out. They are the ones where they meet with a lawyer about suing themselves because Coke Zero tastes just like Coca Cola Classic. Now I get it. Have you tried it? Am I just the last one to know? I figured it was just another marketing thing like Diet Coke with Splenda. Another diet coke that just tasted the same. But NOOOOOO friends. This is different. If you love regular coke but only drink diet because of the calories, this is the soft drink for you. I swear, I feel guilty every time I drink one. It's that good. No, I am not being paid to say this. I just want to share the love. From now on, it's Coke Zero for me. Now if only the restaurants would get on board. So far the only place I've seen it is Chuck-E-Cheese and...well...need I say more?

P.S. To all you addiction-free-superhealthy-water-only drinkers...I love you and I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

If you click on this:
and fill out the info you can get some free. This is our FAVORITE drink. This little deal goes along with the lawyer commercials.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip Ashley!

Montee Wellman said...

I had my first Coke Zero at a baseball game in Montgomery, AL. a couple of years ago. Odd! It was pretty good. I don't do diet drinks too good.

Anonymous said...

They actually offer it at Cheddars, I believe.