Monday, June 13, 2011

Carpool Conversations with the Brothers Sisters

For the last week, we have been using one car to try and save money on gas. It means a little bit longer ride for me, but I'm really enjoying spending that time in the car catching up with Jeff and the girls. We have been watching America's Got Talent this summer and this morning the girls provided some great entertainment. Each had a stuffed animal and they took turns "auditioning" for America's Got Talent. It went a little something like this:

Little Sister: Helloooo. And what is your name? (in her version of a British accent of course)

Big Sister: (holding up a stuffed puppy) My name is Carly.

Little Sister: Okay Carly, and what are you going to do?

Big Sister: I'm going to sing, and then I'm going to raise up, and then I'm going to do a flip.

Little Sister: Oh! Okay! Well, let's see it then.

(Big Sister sings a made up song while raising her stuffed animal in the air and then flipping it in the end)

Little Sister: Oh! I've never seen an act like that before. I can't believe you flew like that. It looked like you had a jet pack or something. I give you two yesses. Yes and yes! You're going to Vegas!

Big Sister: Yes! I'm going to Vegas!!! Okay now it's my turn to be the judges.

Little Sister: Okay.

Big Sister: Well, hellooo! What's your name? (in her version of a British accent)

Little Sister: (holding up her unicorn pillow pet) My name is Holy Spirit!

Big Sister: Gasp! (actually, literally gasps) No! You CANNOT name that unicorn Holy Spirit! There is only one true God and that unicorn is NOT Him!

Little Sister: Huh?

In the last few seconds before we pulled into Nashville Christian School to drop everyone off, Big Sister attempted to explain the Trinity. I'm not sure Little Sister got it but after hearing about the Holy Spirit in Sunday school yesterday, she is a fan. It's a start.

Little Sister with NOT Holy Spirit (now known as "Lily")

Would love to know what her talent was going to be...