Thursday, March 6, 2008

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

When I think about going back to work someday, it makes my head spin. There are so many things I wish I could do. Oh, if only I could do college over again. How is anyone supposed to know what they want to be when they're only 17? I was an elementary school teacher before I stayed home with the girls. I loved my job but when I think about going back and I think about all those doesn't have the same appeal.

I do have a secret desire to work at Walmart. Yep, Walmart. I don't understand why some people get so negative about the super store thing. I think it's SUPER! I love the idea of wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work. There's something so tempting about swiping each item across the scanner and hearing that beep that let's you know it registered. (C'mon, you know yo were just as excited as me to try out a self checkout lane for the first time) I am in awe of the cashiers who seem to know exactly where the bar code is on each item and who know the PLU's for all the produce. I love the challenge of bagging the items in the right combinations. I always try to line things up on the conveyor belt in the right groupings. I mean, how frustrating to be scanning cans and suddenly have socks come across the way? And I especially love the idea that I'd never have to stop anywhere on my way home from work to pick something up because...that's right...I'm already there.

My favorite thing about Walmart? It's the great equalizer. All kinds go there. Just the other day I stood in line behind a big guy, dressed in all black, long black hair with the sides shaved, blue contact lenses, chains and piercings everywhere. Turns out he has a four year old daughter who acts just like mine. Nice guy. It's a true melting pot, young, old, rich, poor, and every color, shape and background.

When I was in college I went on a mission trip with Campus Crusade to Santa Cruz, CA. We could choose from several different jobs and I was tempted to work the fryers in the fast food restaurants, seriously. But I was able to fulfill another lifelong dream...ride operator at the boardwalk. I got to take the tickets, check the safety bars and make sure they locked into place, turn the key, and push the button. And occasionally, just for fun, I'd give a free extra ride on a slow day. One ride I really enjoyed was the haunted house. I typically hate haunted houses but this one wasn't very scary and the most fun part was the job of walking the catwalk. It was a ride-through haunted house and from the catwalk you could look down on the whole maze of the house. Basically, you watched for people getting out of their cars, spitting, or vandalizing. It was so satisfying to shine a flashlight on the offender and holler down for them to stop what they were doing. It always scared them to death and they couldn't ever see where you were. It was so loud in there I could sing at the top of my lungs and no one could hear me. I would do calf raises, lunges, and other standing exercises on occasion.

I don't know what it is about these jobs. I wouldn't want to do them forever, just until it wasn't fun anymore. Maybe it's a curiosity about how things work behind the scenes. I'd also like to work at a movie theater, Disney World, the Opryland Hotel, a spa, a tanning salon. Can't you see the benfits? Maybe it's about what I can get on an employee discount. Don't think I'm not tempted by the new Barnes & Noble. So please share, what job do you secretly desire to do?


Anonymous said...

I am equally tempted by the new Barnes and Noble! But if I had it to do all over again I would either be a model (yeah, right!) or an entomologist (I think I spelled that correctly:a bug scientist). I am truly fascinated by bugs and always have been! :)

Montee said...

Okay, I have always wanted to be a Country singer since I was a little girl. I am just too shy. Not long ago though, there were a bunch of Brett's friends over and they were playing Rock Band. Brett wanted me to sing so I sang, I'm A Cowboy by Bon Jovi. I ROCKED and scored a 97! Then another time Brett and I were in Best Buy. We found the Sing Star game and I actually sang against him in the store! Of course it's something to compete at so I did it. I'm buying that game as soon as I go back into town. I'll be singing on it all day and night! I've got the fever! HA!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try waitressing. I think I could get good tips! I also lifeguaurded for two years and loved the exercise from staying in shape, the tan, the outdoors, and the flip flops and simple uniform! LOVE IT! I would be a pool manager/swim coach. Fabulous!

Blogging with the Moores said...

Tracy -

Hey there! Someone told me I should check out your blog - so I did!
Your post cracked me up this morning. I have no shame in saying that I would LOVE to work at walmart or the grocery store. The scanning, typing in numbers etc!!
Miss seeing you - hope you are doing well!
Kara Moore

Susan said...

Growing up I always wanted to work at Opryland. Now I think I'd love to work in the library- not necessarily our Hendersonville library though- or Barnes and Noble. :)

Anonymous said...

Top 3 would be
1- Rock climbing guide. I used to work at an outdoor rec area in East TN and I LOVED every minute of it!
2- Work on the beach renting out wave-runners.
3- Airline stewardess- just for the free flights.

Anonymous said...

I too, love the scanning, seeing all the products people purchase, etc. I worked a couple jobs in retail, and actually liked it. The hours weren't so great, especially during the holidays. One was the Disney store and they were so strict, but I always loved checking folks out and using the scanner. I grew up playing grocery store with a friend in my garage and in her basement and it was great. I still love to go to the store and grocery shop if I am alone or kids are cooperating. :)
What I think I should have done is go to culinary school- I love anything to do with food, but I am self taught and like to do things on my own, so school might not have been much help. The other job I think would be fun would be to work for a magazine and do layouts, table scapes or help in designing a page layout or room for Southern Living magazine. I also think working for Paula Deen would be a ball- she is a joy and is very passionate about her eats and her family.
Mandy LeMay

Audrey said...

ok Tracy. this confirms that we are kindred spirits because I KID YOU NOT... I wanted to be a wal-mart check-out girl when i was growing up. all i wanted to do was stand-n-scan all day long. in fact, my bff jodi and i saved $160 together (as kids!) to buy an actual cash register but when our parents found out we were actually serious about getting this thing, they made us change our minds about the purchase, haha. true story.