Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Consign or Not To Consign

That was the question. After pulling everything out of the bins and checking it over I have decided it's just not worth it for me. Here's why:

1. Big Sister was VERY neat. I never had to put a bib on her. She ate her peas with pointer finger and thumb one at a time. Big Sister still cries if she gets wet or messy. As a baby, I would sit her on the grass and she would try to balance on her bottom while holding both feet in the air so as to not touch the grass. Little Sister, who wore all the clothes the second time around is the polar opposite. A bib is useless because Little Sister still manages to get food from head to toe. I should either feed her naked or just put an entire jumper on her to cover her clothes. Not to mention what that girl could do to a diaper. The work that would be required to remove each stain on the clothes that no longer fit is just not worth it. The cost of Shout! and Bleach Pens alone would probably put me in the hole.

2. I have a neighbor about to have her first child...A GIRL! The few items (and I do mean few) that are in decent shape would be perfect to pass on to her.

3. This is a big one for me. Do you know what you can list as fair market value on your clothing items donated to Good Will on your taxes? Just a sample: Children’s Clothing Dresses $1-$3, Pants $1-$5, Shirts $1-$5, Outerwear $3-$8, Sweaters $1-$5, Infant Clothing $0.50-$2, Shoes $1-$6. The value you can list on furniture and adult clothing is even more worth it. If you want to know more, click here. And get this...they don't check for near invisible stains.

4. Most of the clothing my kids wear comes from Target, Old Navy, or Walmart. So needless to say, I'd be pricing most of the stuff at the listed tax values anyway.

So you can clearly see the amount of time I would spend dealing with consigning just might not be worth it for the few dollars I might make in hand. Call it denial, call it justification of laziness, I call it being a good steward of my time. Not everyone is in the same boat, some of you actually love this consigning stuff. I've been procrasting for days and trying to find good reasons to stay out of the laundry room and am finally satisfied that I can take a nap instead. Ahhhhhh.....


Anonymous said...

That's true about claiming the donations on your taxes, but you have to have exceeded the standard deduction for it to count (which didn't happen for us this year). However, I totally understand about getting the stuff ready to consign--this was my first time, and it was a pain! Much better to pass it along to someone who needs it (whether you know her or not).
:), Julie

Montee said...

MAM sounds like JLB.