Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jingle Bells

If you don't look at anything else in this post, please go to the end and see the video of the girls.

A few nights ago we decorated for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas decorations. I don't like putting up all the stuff but I love when it's finally up. Here are some pictures of what I did this year. This is our card tree. It sits in our kitchen. The branches are nice and stiff and by the end of the season it is full of Christmas cards. I'd like to find another one like it.

This is my bedroom. I love reading at night by the twinkle lights. I found this ribbon and these ornaments this year so these are new.

I also changed my arrangements on the mantle to look more wintry.

And I even decorate the guest room.

Here is the girls' room. They get their own little tree to decorate. If I could have a tree in every room, I would.

This is my favorite. The dining room. I got these ornaments for 50% off at Lowe's and I stole the idea of hanging them like this from another house I saw. I also love having all my fine china out. We rarely use it so it's nice to look at it for a while and it always looks like I'm about to have a dinner party.

This is my village which has been discontinued. It's mine, but I beg my husband to set it up every year.
Finally, this is our real tree. I love the smell of a real tree at Christmas. This is where we hang all the special ornaments. I even have some on there I made when I was Little Sister's age. (see videos below). This is where Santa leaves three gifts for each girl symbolizing the three gifts given to the Christ child and helping us to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Decorating this tree together was especially fun this year. The girls are at that age where it is all so exciting to them. We got some great video that I hope you'll take the time to watch. Each one is just about 30 seconds long and I think they're hilarious. Especially funny is the last one of Little Sister singing "Jingle Bells". Hope this brings joy to your day and inspires you to get into the spirit!


Anonymous said...

How precious! Owen adds another song at the end of Jingle Bells, too; however, we have no idea what it is! :)

Thanks for sharing those with us!

Susan said...

Love it!! I love your Christmas decorations but I really love the girls singing. Aidan has watched them over and over!!

Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you today this was the girls' entertainment all morning this morning. They LOVE your videos!

Montee said...

I think of Jeff every Christmas having to bring that silver Christmas tree up from Gandad's and Penny's basement. I thought of it again when you wrote that he sets the Christmas village up for you. Tell Jeff he should have kept that old silver tree. I see them in the stores now anywhere from $600.00 and up! Thanks for sharing the videos and your decorations are so pretty!

Joe, Abby and Ellen Grant said...

How funny Tracy! I love that you have ornaments from when you were little. I need to find those! Also, I have my china out, too...since Thanksgiving. It's too pretty to put away yet!

saundra said...

Love the jingle bells eieio!