Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Potty Time!

We have a little test in our family that we give anyone new who comes in. We always like to ask, very early in the relationship, if the person is a folder or a wadder. If you're not sure what I'm talking about...I'm referring to your toilet paper. Do you fold neatly? Or do you wad it all up? We have very strong opinions about which is best and what it says about you. The more anal (no pun intended) people in our family tend to be folders. On the other hand, the...shall we say... freer spirits...tend to be wadders. Everyone has their opinions about which is best. There are issues of padding, maximum coverage, comfort, name it, we've discussed it.

Now when I first started dating my husband, I learned something very intriguing about him.. He might be the only guy on the planet who doesn't think poop jokes, farts, or other related potty talk is funny. I mean, I know lots of women grossed out by the topic (they have all probably quit reading this post by now) but most men I know don't fall into that category. For years, YEARS, he refused to tell whether he was a folder or a wadder. We often speculated about which he was much to his dismay and our lively analysis would always send him running to another room. He HATES talking about anything related to the bathroom.

Now, obviously he's had to adjust his tolerance levels a little since we've had children. (Although, he still claims he may vomit whenever changing a dirty diaper.) He's had to learn to tolerate the randomly emitted gas at any and all locations, mostly in public, and smile along with the fits of giggles that follow. It hasn't been easy my friends. That is why I had to smile tonight when I heard his voice yell with great enthusiasm from the upstairs bathroom, "Mama! Little Sister just went poo poo on the potty!"

Yes, dear friends. Little Sister has reached that all critical milestone in life...learning to tee tee and poo poo on the potty. We have been telling her for two months that once she had her birthday, that she had to go tee tee and poo poo on the potty like a big girl. We haven't even attempted sitting on the potty this entire time, just prepping her for what was to come. Well, I'm happy to say that yesterday, our first day of trying, after wetting her pants all day long, she finally did it right before bed. We had quite the party and had to put off brushing teeth until after marshmallows. Today has been great as well. She's only had two accidents. The rest of the time she's gone on the potty including POO POO! She got marshmallows and M&M's for that.

And...of course...we're working on wadding. Considering she wads her paper into the smallest possible ball she can form, I'm thinking of teaching her folding. But I don't want her to need therapy later. What do you think? Defend yourselves folders and wadders of the world!


Anonymous said...


So, one of us is a folder and the other is a wadder. I'll let you guess Ms. Analyst. :)

Montee said...

We are both folders. Ha, no surprise about Jeff. I wish Phillip and Brett were less interested about that subject. Sometimes I hear, "Y'all gotta come look at this!" Good gosh, they could write a book on the subject! I think Brett is a wadder(he always used the smallest amount of TP when he was little too, that made me nervous) and Britnee is a folder. Congratulations to Charlie! Celebrating a birthday and potty success in the same weekend!

Heather said...

ha ha ha! this is so gross to think about someone else and how they "fix" their toilet paper to wipe, but so funny!! I would never know about my husband, he is not a sharer about that kind of stuff, but I would guess a folder and for me, well a wadder! At least not a Cameron Diaz that only uses one sheet when she goes, I sure hope she showers after going! This post is so hilarious! I laugh all the time at bathroom or farting jokes, I guess it runs in my family. Burping too!