Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking up is HARD to do!

A while back I wrote a post about breaking up with my butt. Well, I've been trying to break up with my butt for two LONG months now. It hasn't been easy. It seems like if I relax even a little bit, there it is, trying to lure me back. There have been some challenges along the way. A visit to my sister in Wilmington, NC...the Bon Jovi concert...the Preakness of course. How can a person be expected to diet while doing these things? Then there was that short but beautiful two weeks I participated in the dinner exchange. I teamed up with three other girls and each person took one day, Monday through Thursday, and made and delivered dinner to the other three families. It was kind of crazy but I love to cook and the other three days you had a wonderful meal delivered to your door. There were two major problems. The driving was killing me because we just lived too far apart. And the food!!! Not conducive to breaking up with that butt. Among the most tempting were baby back ribs, spaghetti pie with tons of oozing, melted cheese, and some kind of dessert that had snickers bars in it. Ahhhh! That stupid butt was using my friends to try and come back.

Then there's the running. I'm shocked to say, I actually started to like it. I even planned to run a 5K on Memorial Day. Eventually, I got a little muscle pull in my left quad which I continued to run with. It turned into a hip flexor pull and hurt so much it was waking me up in the night. So I stopped running for two weeks in order to let it heal. I want to feel good when I run and it was getting more and more painful every day. So, since I wouldn't be running away from my butt and regularly listening to my motivational break up music, I needed a plan. I'm a little more than halfway to my GREAT REWARD and I refuse to stop now. I also noticed that even though I was losing weight, I wasn't necessarily losing all fat. I want to get leaner so I started doing some research. EVERYTHING I read about cutting fat said you had to cut carbs. My worst nightmare. I love carbs. I love sugar. I love bread, pasta, dessert. But...that butt...I had to try something drastic.

After two days I was completely miserable. Tired, hungry, and not sure it was even working. You can eat all the meat and lean proteins you want but last night I couldn't even finish my grilled chicken breast. You can even have one of my favorite things, cheese. But woman cannot live on cheese alone. I was starting to think I could just find a way to settle for that butt. Forget the cookies and bread, I have never thought a banana sounded so good. Well, after one week of torture, I do think it might be working. I haven't weighed myself yet so we'll see but I'm willing to stick it out a little longer at this point. I will, however, be visiting my stepdad this weekend in Miami. That could be a challenge. That butt may be lurking around every corner.

With my reward in sight I keep pressing on. I started running again yesterday and the pain is back but I'm not quitting until I get to the end. I get through it by dreaming of one more thing. When I reach my goal weight I have a special day planned for myself. A day of gluttony. Is that bad? It probably is. Kind of like a one night stand with my old butt. But in my mind right now I see myself eating out three meals and baking all day. I'm making a mental list of all the indulgences.

Pancake Pantry for breakfast (Sausage and Cheese omelet with a side of pancakes)
Pizza for lunch (any pizza will do, never met a pizza I didn't like)
Mexican for dinner (again, not too picky here)

And then the sweets
Chocolate chip cookies, Caramel cake, Brownies, Blondies, Homemade ice cream, Chocolate covered strawberries (heck, chocolate covered anything), Donuts, I want it ALL!

Wow, suddenly I have visions of Veruca on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and some giant golden eggs. Truth is, I'll probably feel sick by lunchtime and that will be the end of it. Anyway, I just want one long cheat day and then back to eating like a normal person. Back to moderation and maintenance. Back to sanity and satisfaction. Here's to kissing that butt goodbye and cashing in on my great reward!

Has anyone else out there tried the no carb thing? Did it work? How did you feel? What did you eat? What are you indulgences?


Montee said...

Right now I am in Mississippi doing the "Semi-Bachelor Apartment Diet." I got here a couple of days ago and Phillip had nothing in the refrigerator but bottled water, Gatorade and a couple of beers. The past two days I have survived on goodies from the goody bags that people make the players and coaches for the roadtrips. First day-Rice Krispy Treat and OJ (stolen from the MBraves clubhouse)Lunch-2 slices leftover Subway pizza, Supper-a fish fry at a friend's house. Second day-PopTart and OJ, Lunch- ready to eat chicken salad/crackers,mini-Pringles and an orange I brought from TX, Supper-a party at the ballpark during the game. Bottled water with every meal. I need to go Krogering, something I have looked forward to since there are no Kroger's in TX. However, I believe I have lost a few on this diet plan.

Tracy Bro said...

If it includes rice crispy treats, pizza, pop tarts, and a fish fry I might have to try that diet.

Anonymous said...

I did the no-carb thing a few years back. I got SO skinny! Hard to believe, I know... The beginning was so hard, like detox! I was even nauseous and shaky. But after I "cleansed" my system, I felt great. More energy, clearer skin and more importantly- skinny!! It's really hard, but I had more success on that than any other way. Good luck!! :) Rachel

Susan said...

How awesome that you are 1/2 way to your goal!!! I thought you looked skinnier when I saw you at the fountains Friday night.:) Losing weight is ROUGH! I'm still struggling so I don't have any tips- in fact I'm taking some from you! :) Congrats on making the 1/2 way mark!!

The Jacksons said...

I did the South Beach diet a while back before going on a cruise. It works! Keep it up. The cravings will stop. I know it's tough but stick with it! Oh, I ate lots of chicken, salad, cheese, eggs and nuts.