Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday Boy

*WARNING - The following post may cause vomiting. If mushy talk and lovey-dovey stuff makes you nauseous, you may want to look away.

In honor of my husband's 37th birthday today, I thought I'd write 37 things I love about him.

1. He makes the best grilled cheese sandwich anywhere. (okay, so I didn't want to start with the most obvious stuff)

2. He can build a great fire.

3. He loves to play board games. (especially the ones he can always win)

4. He's one of the smartest people I know.

5. He is a great dad. (of course)

6. He is always diplomatic when dealing with angry people.

7. He is an incredible motivator.

8. He is a vault. (if you have a secret you just have to tell but can't let it get out, call Jeff)

9. When he laughs really hard, it sounds like he's crying.

10. He can talk his way into places normally reserved for VIP's. (this comes in really handy when you arrive at Islands of Adventure with 50 seniors the day before the park opens.)

11. He's loyal.

12. He writes the best love letters to me in our journal.

13. He's hot.

14. He's sweet to his mother.

15. He lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings.

16. He loves learning new things and is a gifted teacher.

17. He's a talented athlete and is highly competitive.

18. What you see is what you get.

19. When you need firewood in Gatlinburg, he'll go out and come back with armfuls leaving you thinking he must have ripped down trees with his bare hands.

20. He tells me all the time that I'm not staying home to make sure our house is spotless or our laundry is always folded and put away, but that I'm here to be with our daughters.

21. He likes doing lawn work.

22. Everyone in my family LOVES him. (sometimes more than me I think)

23. He has a gift for making students who normally feel left out and uncool seem cool and fun to the other kids.

24. He likes my hair no matter how I change it.

25. He likes road trips.

26. He is a leader.

27. He is the best role model for young men that I know.

28. He is strong but he knows the exact moments to be tender.

29. He is a renaissance man.

30. He always compliments my cooking even if I'm disappointed in what I've prepared.

31. He is forgiving.

32. He makes me laugh.

33. He laughs when I'm trying to be funny.

34. He laughs when our daughters are trying to be funny.

35. He'll go to the store at 10:30pm if I really want something.

36. He's not too proud to let our girls put bows in his hair, to watch Dora the Explorer, or to paint a little girls toenails.

37. He loves God and God's Word, and desires to do His will in all things.

I am so blessed to be married to this amazing man. If you know him well enough, feel free to add something you love about him in the comments. Happy Birthday Babe!


Anonymous said...

He's not just a good role model for young men; he is a good role model for everyone. Happy birthday!

Montee said...

Tracy, this is really sweet. I know why he is good at #36. Let's just say he's had some practice. Ask him about it, I think you might know the story. Tell my bro Happy Birthday. Hope he got my card.