Friday, July 11, 2008

Wedded Bliss

On Saturday, June 28th, my brother-in-law FINALLY got married. The best part? He waited all those years for the RIGHT one. Just love her. The wedding was held at a beautiful home in Mt. Juliet right on the river. My dad did the service so it really was a family affair. So sweet. I thought I'd post some pictures for you. Montee also posted on the wedding here.
The happy couple

My husband, my mother-in-law, and my girls.

Big Sister

Little Sister

Little Sister shaking her "booden" (bootie)

Little Sister shaking her "booden" after confiscating and eating as many custom M&M favors as she could find.

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Dina Brothers said...

OK, so I've never been much for blogging because when it started to become big, hot shot realtors decided it would be a great marketing plan if they blogged about their "advice" on the real estate market. I'm in the industry, and it bored me to tears.
But, put pictures of our family and Charlie's knock-knock jokes online and you've won me over!

The pictures of the wedding are great, but as many times as I see Charlie and Annie do their "apple juice" jokes I still crack up! It made my night!

Love Ya! Dina