Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Phillip

Little Sister has a new favorite toy. She calls it her "baby". She holds it lovingly, takes it everywhere with her, and speaks to it in her sweet little mommy voice. Here they are.

Can you tell who her baby is? Not sure?'s a bobble-head. A bobble-head of my brother-in-law Phillip Wellman to be exact. The umpire scolding, base throwing, grenade launching Phillip. Still not sure who I'm talking about?

Ain't he sweeeeeet?


Rhonda said...

Oh MY WORD!!!! How funny! And you sit across from this dude over turkey & dressing?!?! haha! Well Mrs. Tracy Brothers, how in the world are you, my dear?!?!?!? I was just leaving Connie Stowers a comment on her blog when I saw yours' and thought I'd pop over to say hi! Shocking that we're in the same town (practically) and NEVER see each other...pitiful. Nolan is actually on his way home from JP2 as we speak....had a baseball game there this afternoon. Freshman. Can you believe it? Tyler graduates in 3 months...can you believe that one?! Boo hoo!!!!!!!! He's going to Samford and is so excited. Rooming with David Anderson we think, and a couple other guys, 1 from CPA and 1 he met when he played in the All-Star game. Anyway, like is fun with an 18 year old AND an 18 month old! It's crazy fun and we're all crazy in love with this little Li Ming, let me tell you! She's probably the most worshipped little thing on the planet. We seriously need to do some major repenting b/c of how we idolize her! I'd love to see your girls, and Jeff too. I love "Baby Philliip." Oh my gosh, that's so funny. I think it must have been his wife (is that your sister?) who used to leave comments on my blog all the time. I haven't heard from her in a while. Or is that Jeff's sister? Hmmm...Anyway, that cracked me up. Well, hug the fam for me, and I seriously am getting my tail up there soon to go to lunch with you, Amy, and all our girls...."Girls," did I just say that? Weird.

Hope to hear from you soon!


~Deborah~ said...

Hi Tracy...I'm here from Montee's. This is hilarious!


Craig Miyamoto said...

LOL I can't believe I know the wife of THAT famous guy! I should have put two and two together, but I was laughing so hard when I saw this on the news that I didn't even notice the name on his uniform.

I'm here from Montee's as well.

Craig Miyamoto said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, I've never commented on my wife's blog(I'm Jeff, the fellow in the picture with Tracy). However I feel it is neccessary here since many who see the video will not know Phillip(the guy in the video), aka my brother-in-law. While it is hilarious, it does not paint a complete picture. Phillip is an OUTSTANDING husband, father, friend, and baseball manager. He did, in fact, get awarded by the Braves organization as their minor league manager of the year (correct me if I'm wrong Montee). That will never make it to Youtube, but is a more telling account of his ability and performance. He is passoinate and VERY talented in his job, which I(a coach myself) appreciate. There is a very good reason for the outburst which also will never make the video stream. That said, just enjoy the video. Phillip - keep gettin' after 'em, brother. We're proud of you.

Montee said...

Britnee tolf me last night that she had seen where Jeff commented on here. Anonymous must have said something really bad! Thanks for the kind words, Jeff.

Anonymous visited my blog last night too. Anonymous is a strange one.