Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Claim to Fame

Well, not really my claim to fame. Many of you are now familiar with my sister-in-law Montee. She has a blog, she reads your blogs, and she frequently comments. What you may not know is that Montee is the wife of a well known minor league baseball manager for the Braves organization. Sometime last year, her husband was featured on SportsCenter for the following incident. I hope Montee doesn't mind me sharing this. I'm sharing it at the request of a couple of you who have heard the story. It is hilarious and although it doesn't come across on the video, he had legitimate reasons for such a tirade. Maybe Montee will comment on it sometime. I love it and I love him so enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to show my sports ignorance. So, he covered up the base and drew a bigger home plate because of the calls the ump was making. And, then did he just pick up the bases and move them way out so that the umps would have to go get them? And why did he do that crawl and throw that thing? I'm assuming those all have meaning or not? Glad to finally see the video I've heard about!

saundra said...

Ok, I have no idea what that was about, but it was funny. I can't believe they let him carry on that long. It seems like there is always security or somebody jumping in on the other things I see on TV. Thanks for sharing. I had a laugh.

Montee said...

Ha, ha! I thought about posting this on my blog. Phillip won the award last year for The Best Week Ever from the show (VH1) with the same name. That is probably the best clip I've seen because the comedians make hilarious comments. I have it on my favorites and will try to post it sometime. I promise anyone that sees this, my husband is not crazy! There is a story behind the tirade. The on-base umpire (not the homeplate ump who was just a prop)was cussing at Phillip's players and accusing the pitcher of cheating. Umpires are not supposed to talk to players like that. Phillip has always been a Showman when arguing with the umpire, the cameras just happened to catch this one. I thought it was a bit odd. The media was all over this and I could understand why Britney Spears shaved her head. They really drove Phillip crazy until Paris Hilton did something stupid and the attention went to her. Yes, we still hear A LOT about this. Britnee was introduced at Baylor as being the "grenade guy's daughter" and Brett got really tired of hearing about it at school especially whenever Phillip was on school grounds. I will say Phillip has been thrownout of 3 games this year but he was pretty calm about it. He may give it another year before he really breaks out again!